Our vision is to elevate products through advanced technologies

Supernova was founded by a brave team with an ambitious plan: expanding the boundaries of manufacturing technologies and materials to support any factory in the world.


Technology as a catalyzer

We are a technology company and we believe in the power of technology to change the world, and that’s also why we invest a significant amount of our resources in R&D to obtain game-changing technologies like VLM.


We serve factories

It’s not enough to say that customers are our main priority, factories are the only reason why we exist, and our single purpose is to serve them. Our real products are the parts that customers manufacture.


Onshoring production & Sustainability

For decades US and European companies have been losing control over their supply chains against lower-cost countries due to the lack of competitive alternatives. We can now contribute to recovering that lost control and bring production back onshore, retrofitting domestic economies while reducing the environmental footprint of manufacturing operations.


Strategic impact for society

We are very proud to support customers operating in industries of critical importance for society and its prosperity, from healthcare to defense, transportation or communications.