Head of Engineering

Location: Barcelona, Spain

At Supernova, we’re not just innovators; we’re game-changers. We aim to produce end-use parts at scale and cost by developing a complete industrial solution to unlock the power and benefits of Additive Manufacturing. We are 100% customer-centered and aware that the value we are bringing is the ability to produce fully functional parts. We work with the conviction that excellence in science and engineering is the cornerstone of transformative change. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we adopt a champion’s mindset, we take controlled risks, and we are constantly on offense to get things done.

Job Description:

As the Head of Engineering at Supernova, your primary mission will be to lead our multidisciplinary team through the next critical phases of our VLM technology’s journey — from advanced development to successful industrialization. In this pivotal role, you will be the driving force behind the continued evolution of our VLM ecosystem, ensuring it meets and exceeds industrial standards. Your strategic vision will guide the mechanics, electronics, process, and software engineering teams, harmonizing their efforts and steering the collective expertise towards the seamless integration of our products.

You will be expected to not only lead but also inspire, fostering an environment where innovation thrives, and solutions are crafted with precision and ingenuity. Your role will encompass the end-to-end management of the product development lifecycle, from defining strategy to overseeing project execution, ensuring every milestone is met with rigor and excellence. You will set up aggressive strategies to get things done on time and your attention will be laser-focused on the critical aspects that bring value to the final product. By setting clear processes and methods, you will instill a culture of quality and accountability, maintaining Supernova’s high standards throughout the product development and industrialization phases.

As a leader, you will be hands-on, actively engaging with your team in the design process, troubleshooting, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in AM. Your leadership style will exemplify our ethos of being constantly on offense, taking controlled risks, and driving towards tangible results.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Leadership: Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for the development and industrialization of the VLM technology, aligning with Supernova’s long-term objectives and market demands.
  • Team Management: Lead and mentor a diverse team of engineers (mechanical, electronic, software, and process) to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Ensure the team’s growth and development align with project needs and individual career aspirations.
  • Project Oversight: Manage the entire project lifecycle, from concept to market launch, ensuring milestones are met with high-quality standards. Regularly review and adjust project plans to adapt to evolving requirements or challenges.
  • Product Development and Industrialization: Oversee the engineering aspects of product development, ensuring designs are robust, scalable, and manufacturable. Collaborate with manufacturing teams to ensure smooth transition from prototype to production.
  • Customer-Centric Product Evolution: Keep customer needs and market trends at the forefront of product development. Incorporate feedback into continuous product improvement, ensuring products meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement: Encourage a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the engineering team.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with other departments, including sales, marketing, and customer support, to ensure cohesive company operations and unified goal achievement.
  • Process Optimization: Develop and refine engineering processes and methods to enhance team efficiency, product quality, and time-to-market.


  • MSc or Ph.D. in Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, or a related field.
  • Extensive experience in hardware product development, particularly in complex, industrial, multi-disciplinary projects.
  • Proven ability in leading and inspiring engineering teams, with experience managing complex projects and diverse groups of engineers.
  • A practical, hands-on approach to engineering, with a history of participating actively in design and development processes.
  • Knowledge and experience in manufacturing processes and the ability to integrate this understanding into product design and development.
  • Ability to develop and implement strategic plans for product development and team growth.
  • Strong analytical capabilities to identify, diagnose, and solve complex problems.
  • Innovative Mindset: Passion for innovation, testing, and troubleshooting, with a penchant for perfection and a drive for continuous improvement.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, capable of conveying complex ideas and strategies effectively.

Why Join Supernova:

  • Innovate at the Forefront: You’ll be driving innovation in 3D printing, shaping the future of the next generation of AM industrial solutions.
  • Creative & Analytical Synergy: Thrive in an environment where creative problem-solving meets analytical rigor, making a real impact in our pioneering projects.
  • Growth & Learning: Enjoy continuous professional development at the edge where engineering, science and man manufacturing meet.
  • Competitive Rewards: Benefit from a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and an inspiring workplace that values your expertise and well-being.

Application Process:

Are you ready to join a team where your contributions make a monumental impact? Send your resume, cover letter, and examples of past projects to people@supernova3d.com