Improved manufacturing process

Thermoplastic-like material properties.

Dual material parts & free geometry design.

Reduce costs in short & mid runs. Remove assembly steps.

VOC homologations
for cockpit components.

Onshore production and gain supply chain control


Materials ready for the industry

Temperature resilience

From outdoor to under-the-hood components

Chemical resistance

It keeps integrity when exposed to salts, acids, and oils.

Enviromental Durability

Resists UV, ozone, oxidation, radiation, and weathering.

Water and Corrosion Resistance

Low water uptake to prevent corrosion/ electrical damage

Vibration Isolation and noise dampening

Effective energy absorption and fatigue resistance

Flame retardancy

Compliant with UL 94 V0 standard for passenger safety.

Long-Term Durability

Materials remain resilient without hardening, cracking, or becoming brittle over time.

Low Compresion set

Recovers its original structure after compression, ensuring longevity.


Under-the-hood parts
Electrical connectors