Energetic Materials Engineer

Location: Austin, TX

At Supernova, we’re pioneering the integration of additive manufacturing with energetic materials, aiming to elevate the standards of national security and safety. Our focus on developing advanced materials and manufacturing solutions for Defense and Space not only highlights our commitment to innovation but also underscores our dedication to contributing positively to global safety. Joining Supernova means being part of a forward-thinking team that values the impact of its work on broader societal and national outcomes, making it an especially rewarding endeavor for US citizens dedicated to making a difference.

Job Description:

As an Energetic Materials Engineer at Supernova, you will spearhead a multi-year R&D project that stands at the forefront of Defense and Space innovation. Your mission involves harnessing the unique capabilities of VLM technology to create formulations that redefine the standards of energetic materials and its applications thanks to Additive Manufacturing.

With a focus on laminating and polymerizing pastes and slurries with high inorganic loads, you’ll navigate the complexities of formulating and testing simulant formulations. This role demands a blend of creativity and analytical prowess, as you operate the latest VLM printers and collaborate with hardware and process engineers to refine our technology.

On the other hand, you will work alongside leading US research centers to push the boundaries of energetic materials science, testing onsite the formulations being developed and expanding the state-of-the-art.

Your leadership will be instrumental in setting up and maintaining a cutting-edge materials lab in our Austin facilities, establishing Supernova as a leader in additive manufacturing for energetic materials.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead a pioneering R&D project in Defense and Space, leveraging VLM technology for energetic materials development.
  • Formulate and test simulant formulations, navigating the complexities of energetic materials science and its use in VLM.
  • Define testing criterion and protocols to evaluate and iterate formulations.
  • Collaborate on the formulation of energetic materials for laminating pastes and slurries with high inorganic loads, redefining energetic materials standards.
  • Operate the latest VLM printers, collaborating with hardware and process engineers to refine technology.
  • Collaborate with leading US research centers to expand the state-of-the-art in energetic materials science.
  • Set up and maintain a cutting-edge materials lab in Austin, TX.


  • US Citizen.
  • Advanced degree (MSc, PhD preferred) in Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or related field.
  • Experience in energetic materials formulation, particularly for additive manufacturing applications.
  • Proven track record in R&D projects, ideally within Defense and Aerospace sectors.
  • Strong practical skills in operating advanced manufacturing equipment.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and top research institutions.
  • Experience in setting up and managing high-tech laboratories.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Exceptional communication abilities for both technical reporting and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Why Join Supernova:

  • Pioneering Impact: Engage in groundbreaking work that redefines the use of energetic materials in 3D printing, setting new standards for the Defense and Space industries.
  • Innovative Collaboration: Be part of a dynamic team where innovation and analytical skills converge to solve complex challenges, pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing.
  • Professional Evolution: Grow within an environment that fosters continuous learning and development at the intersection of engineering, science, and advanced manufacturing.
  • Rewarding Environment: Enjoy a competitive compensation package, comprehensive benefits, and a workplace culture that appreciates and nurtures your expertise and overall well-being.

Application Process:

Are you ready to join a team where your contributions make a monumental impact? Send your resume, cover letter, and examples of past projects to people@supernova3d.co