End use parts at scale and cost

We don’t sell 3d-printers, we sell manufacturing solutions to produce quality parts repeatability at a competitive cost, because our customers are in business to make money.



Manufacture parts with purpose.


Part properties

VLM is capable of working with resins 100 times more viscous than standard ones. Without a viscosity limitation, a whole new set of ingredients and modifiers can be added to achieve both thermal and mechanical properties. As a result, VLM materials have superior properties and a guaranteed durability, compared to traditional thermosets, achieving parts closer molded thermoplastics.


VLM materials and UV light engine ensure a complete chemical crosslink between layers, resulting into an isotropic behavior and equivalent properties in XY than in Z, even in layers of up to 200μm.

Surface finishing

VLM uses a highly precise light engine that together with sophisticated processing algorithms results into an XY resolution of 23μm. 

Resolution combined with the ability to laminate thin layers generates a totally smooth surface finish.

Multimaterial parts

VLM can directly manufacture multimaterial parts at the same layer.  This strategy allow customers to produce geometries that are impossible or extremely expensive to obtain with traditional manufacturing methods geometries; it also reduces assembly steps, and avoid the use of adhesives.


2. Productivity

at scale.

From manufacturing short batches of parts to progressively upgrade to a serialised factory. 


High throughput

Each system can process 2.5 liters of material per hour, building the manufacturing platform at a velocity of 10 seconds per layer.


Automated production workflow 

All the steps of the process, from the design until the obtention of the final part, are controlled and interlinked throught a seamless software workflow.  The interaction of the operator is minimum thanks to the a preconfigured set of parametres across all the manufacturing steps.


Part certification

Thanks to the automatic generation of manufacturing reports, customers can access to all the critical information collected during the diferent manufacturing steps across the VLM ecosystem. 


VLM Production lines 

Our solutions are meant to allow customers to scale production with flexibility: multiple VLM systems can be operated with single Wash and Cure systems with an interlinked software, making the entire group behave as a single VLM Production Line to optimize production. 



Manufacture with margins.

Thanks to the productivity and automation of the VLM ecosystem and its a guaranteed low CAPEX, Supernova’s customers reduce drastically the cost per part, beating injection moulding in short and mid runs for a large number of applications.
End use parts at scale and cost End use parts at scale and cost End use parts at scale and cost End use parts at scale and cost

A controlled ecosystem for guaranteed results.

Open ecosystems are good for Lab experimentation; instead, in a factory floor, predictable and consistent results are required. We have back-to-back control of our ecosystem, which translates into the control that customers need for their production.

Unique proprietary materials accomplishing industry requirements and homologations.

Software prepared for scalable manufacturing applications

  • Automated build preparation
  • Support to massive datasheets
  • Printing strategies for specific materials and complex geometries
  • Surface finish optimization strategies
  • Geometry supports optimization

A productive additive manufacturing system designed for manufacturing scalable applications, able to process high viscous resins at room temperature. 

  • 2.5 liters of throughput per hour
  • Massive build volume
  • Dual material processing
  • Optimised material management
  • Interchangeable buildplate
  • Easy film replacement
  • Material recirculation
  • No pot life limitation

A washing solution optimised to work in a production environment. A fully automated system connected to the entire workflow, and operating according to the material and typology of parts being post-processed. It guarantees part performance repeatability. 

  • Cleaning agents optimized for Supernova materials
  • Agitation, ultrasonic, heating functions
  • Specific programs for complex lattices and small part cavities. 

As a last stage, the parts are submitted to a post-cure process to guarantee part stability over time.  It consists of a combination of UV light exposure and thermal annealing to achieve peak performance.