Defense & Space

Improved manufacturing process

Industry-specific materials.

Onshore production and gain supply control.

Reduce costs in short & mid runs. Remove assembly steps.

Materials ready for the industry

Temperature resilience

Withstands extreme temperatures.

Enviromental Durability

Resists UV, ozone, oxidation, radiation, corona discharge, and weathering.

Vibration Isolation and Noise Dampening

Creates an effective and durable barrier against the transfer of vibration and sound .

Water and Corrosion Resistance

Does not absorb water or promote moisture transfer, guarding against corrosion and electrical damage

Flame retardancy

Meets UL 94 V0 flame spread resistance standards for passenger safety.

Low Compresion set

Recovers its original structure after compression, ensuring longevity.

Long-Term Durability

Remains resilient without hardening, cracking, or becoming brittle over time.

Chemical Stability

Maintains integrity when exposed to common chemicals, acids, and oils.